Campi Construction was the best choice to build our house.  Jim's crew was professional, polite, respectful, and clean.  Jim built our house as if he was building it for himself.  The attention to detail and to all of his subs is first rate!  We enjoyed our experience and would use Jim and his team again!  It's a pleasure to come home, thanks to Campi Construction.


-Chip and Carmel Covell


We can't say enough good things about Campi Construction and their fine work in remodeling our home. All of the work was first rate and reasonably priced. Critically, there were no surprises on costs or dates -- the targets for both were all met or exceeded. Any necessary or requested changes were explained thoroughly and more than one option was presented. In most cases excellent suggestions that made a huge difference in the project were provided. The job-site was safe, clean and respectful of the property. Next project, we won't consider working with anyone else.


-Mark and Racquel Brown


Campi Construction provided us with the absolute highest quality new home construction.  From the initial ground-breaking to the final touches, the Campi team, their subcontractors and suppliers, acted with the highest integrity and dedication to our new home.  Jim and Nick Campi take great pride in their craftsmanship, and constantly paid attention to detail throughout the building process.  We felt comfortable working with such an experienced contractor who has built so many fine homes on the Peninsula.  Add us to the list of satisfied clients!


-Ben and Adean Golub


Building a brand new house has been a great experience thanks to Jim Campi and his crew. Campi Construction does outstanding work. Jim is very professional, very easy to work with, and responsive to his client’s needs. He follows through, maintains a timeline and stands 150% behind his work. We recommended Jim and his crew to many of our friends who became very satisfied clients of Campi Construction themselves. We will definitely hire Campi Constriction again.


-Michal and Ofer Ben-Shachar


Jim Campi has recently completed our house in Los Altos. We were very happy with the result and process. As anyone taking on such a project for the first time will learn, everyone will think you're nuts. That's what we heard from our friends. Stories about crooked contractors, lawsuits, price overruns, etc, kept coming our way. After going through the project we understand why. There are so many ways it can go wrong. For example, you get a cheap framer who builds and leaves only to have the windows guy say he can't install the windows because the frame is off. There are a million things that can go wrong. They key is a great general contractor who takes on the project as if it's his own. That's how I would summarize working with Jim. With his help our project went smoothly, on time and with little to no surprises. We would 100% build another house with Jim.


So what is special about Jim? Here were our experiences by phase:


We wanted to finish the project as fast as possible. As such, the plans were not 100% detailed, which is normal. We talked to different contractors. Some wouldn't take the time to bid on the project. Others came back with wild numbers. We had some strange interactions such as a contractor saying he sees a design issue that will cost us money but would only tell us what it was if we signed up with him. Another wouldn't tell us who his subs were. Another said he wouldn't take liability for the project and we would need to contract with subs directly. Very few took the time to actually put together a thoughtful bid. Jim worked with the plans as they were, provided detailed line items (framing costs, etc). He clearly called out what were estimates and what were hard costs. He detailed his profit, his management fee, everything. He also shared the underlying written bids from his subs. Basically, what he knew, we knew. Jim came across, and proved to be, totally honest. He worked with our lawyer and had no issues accepting our contract, changing terms to our advantage, etc. It was clear he didn't expect the contract to be needed and we never looked at it after signing it. His word is his bond and that's how he treated us.


After working with Jim for a while we were grateful we chose him. Frankly, the phrase “there by the grace of God go I” comes to mind. The bidding process is hard and it's very hard to pick the right contractor. It's hard to compare prices and, even more important, it's hard to know the reputation of a contractor. When comparing prices we found that it's important to: 1) Know the detailed line items making up the bid. It's impossible to compare the total cost between bids. Since plans are not 100% detailed different contractors will use different assumptions. A great trick is to insert low ball estimates for things the contractor knows are not realistic and later jack them up once the contract is closed. Jim didn't do that. He clearly called out costs for things like framing and we paid the exact amount in the end. Other costs that were fluid like cabinets, etc, can change once you have plans so there it's only about the cost to install them. Jim stuck to those costs even after we significantly changed the amount of cabinetry in the house. 2) Compare profit / management costs among contractors. These costs are fixed and should be clearly called out. Jim didn't change his fees even when we added more features to the house that drove up the cost. Luckily Jim doesn't price as % of total cost. Everything is clear and fixed up front. 3) Factor in the contractors reputation, quality, and chances to complete on time. This is the hardest area to evaluate. After working with Jim we realize he scores very high in these areas so we saved a lot by finishing on time and not having wild cost overruns / mistakes. You have to decide how much risk you are willing to take on. With Jim the risk is close to 0.



Construction was simply fun. Jim was onsite all the time. That was his job. Whenever I visited the site, Jim was there. He is a great task master. The site was clean, organized, and subs were there all the time like clock work. The day after the permit was issued digging started and the site wasn't idle. Jim put together a schedule that turned out to be very accurate. For example he estimated in June that by early January dry wall would be going up. I couldn't believe when in January, to the day, the drywall guys were installing the walls. The only way you do that is by having a lot of experience but also having the respect of your subs. On that note, one thing we learned about Jim is that he has amazing subs. All his subs are top notch. He has many years of experience with every sub. For example the electrician's Father had worked with Jim's Father. This means that they show up on time; they know how to work with each other; they can handle changes and generally look at the job as part of a relationship not as a one off 'get the money and run'. This is just one example of why it's hard to pick the right contractor and why we feel we were so fortunate to have picked Jim.


Another aspect we love about Jim is that he treated the house as his own. He did things right. Materials were high quality and time tested (such as plywood for the roof vs. some new thing some contractors use), cast iron pipes, insulation on every pipe etc etc. In addition to these Jim looked at the esthetic of the house. He would work with the architect as the house took form and proposed ideas to make things look better. For example, I remember Jim saying he'd pick the crown molding (since we couldn't decide) and saying 'you will like it'. He decided to install double molding and we loved it. We were very impressed.


Billing during the project was monthly (with prepayments of deposits for subs when needed). All bills were always itemized. Line items that were closed out got releases from the subs. If there were any clerical errors (in our favor or his) we resolved easily. Any confusion was cleared up quickly. For example, he refused to bill me for his profit until the very end of the project, (even though I offered multiple times to pay a % based on completion). I found that rather stunning. Jim was very fair with changes. We changed the scope of things like the basement during the project. Jim always provided a written estimate for the change and it was always reasonable. The few times I got another bid to compare, it showed that his bids were lower / inline with what I could find. This freedom was great. We never felt like we would be screwed if we changed the plans.


Post construction:

First off, the finished product is great. Everyone visiting notes the quality of the construction. We are very confident we got a great looking house at a very reasonable price (not cheap, but certainly well worth the value). It was completed on time (even though a sub we convinced Jim to use delayed things). But Jim isn't done. When there are minor issues that need adjusting or tweaking Jim (and his subs) show up quickly and deal with the issue. He stands behind his work and so do his subs. This is another factor that is very hard to evaluate during the bidding process.


To summarize, we feel very lucky that we didn't make a mistake during the bidding process and decided on Jim. If we ever build another house, Jim will be our top choice. No question at all.


-Ariel and Zohara Bardin






I highly recommend Campi Construction!


As an interior designer I have had the opportunity to work with many contractors. For the last decade I have worked with Campi Construction on a variety of projects, often recommendations from the architect. Each of these completed homes are unique and beautifully crafted. From blue print to the final details, founder Jim Campi has knowledge of each step of the construction process and can either demonstrate the best technique or provide expert supervision. Nick Campi grew up working with his father and after graduation from Cal Poly in Construction Management, became a full time partner. Managing a project is the key to timely completion and safeguarding the quality of the work.


While it is easier for clients to work with an interior designer to guide them through the many decisions that personalize a home, it is also important to know that their builder will be receptive to this process, whether they do it themselves or work with a professional. The extra steps to communicate a time frame for decisions and discussing design options are a welcome advantage of working with Campi Construction.


Distinguishing qualities of the Campi team:
* Experience
* Quality of craftsmanship
* Knowledge of all trades
* Collaboration and Communication
* Patience
* Attention to detail
* Respecting clients’ budget


-Risë Krag




As principal and lead designer of Chelsea Court Designs I have worked with many Contractors throughout my design career. Working with the Campi Construction team has been an incredibly rewarding experience.


Jim Campi's attention to the detail and demands of building a custom home plus his great follow-through to get the job done properly, all contribute to his company’s success. One wonderful advantage of working with Jim is his engineering background. This gives him the ability to make professional contributions to the design and execution of any project.


No matter what my demands have been on his staff members, Jim’s team always rises to the occasion with a positive attitude turning our design ideas into beautiful realities. His son and his sub-contractors love and respect him. With such integrity, his follow- through for the client has always generated perfection.


When working with Campi Construction, I am confident in knowing that my designs will be perfectly understood and translated, satisfying not only my high standards as a designer, but most importantly creating incredibly satisfied clients.


-Marie Christine Peterson




At New Century Marble and Granite we have been installing tile and fabricating slab stone all over Northern California for over 20 years. We have worked with hundreds of general contractors, architects and designers and we work on some of the largest projects down to the smallest remodels.


We have enjoyed working with Campi Construction for over 15 years, as they provide a different experience than most general contractors. Campi Construction always have a knowledgeable employee on site. This is very important when issues arise, because we won’t have to wait days or even weeks for a solution. To get answers quickly means we won’t have to pull off the job and delay the project.


By working with several builders through the years we can see the quality difference in their work. Most contractors only select there sub-contractors based on cost. It is clear when working on a Campi Construction project that cost, time and quality are all taken into consideration. I have referred Campi Construction many times through the years and will continue to do so.


The bottom line is if you want a quality project to be done on-time and within budget, Campi Construction would be my first choice.


-Dave Shieler




We have had the distinct pleasure to be affiliated with Jim Campi and Campi Construction for the past 10 years. We are proud to be a part of the homes that have been created by the Campi Team. The workmanship and artistic design that goes into each and every aspect of the home is exceptional. We have had a close relationship with all of the sub contractors that work together to offer the very best in service, detail and efficiency for the selective clientele.


-Al & Jacqui Newhall




I have worked with Jim and his team for over three years on a number of jobs. I have found his work to be consistently superior quality, both in workmanship and service to the homeowner. He is a pleasure to have as a colleague: he creates an environment that is respectful of his subcontractors and at the same time demanding of the same high quality work that he and his team produce. I am happy to recommend Campi Construction without reservation.


-Gerry Joyce





As an owner of a company myself I respect others that have superior finished products. Working on sites with Campi Construction are always my favorite jobs. One of the first things I noticed was the selection process for his sub-contractors and the quality he demanded from each of them. It is a pleasure to work on a job that is so well run by a General Contractor that really knows what he is doing. Jim and his son Nick are a great team that are always looking out their client’s best interest and are great builders.


-Shawnon Parkinson




Our association with Campi Construction Company spans the past decade. We have provided lath and plaster on many custom homes for the Campis. The Campis are always professional, honest and diligent in providing their customer’s the very best quality for dollar spent. We enjoy working with Jim and Nick and hope to continue our long relationship.


-Gary Taylor