Our main goal is to effectively and efficiently complete projects, on-time and on-budget, to allow our clients to start making memories in their custom dream home

Custom Home Building and Remodeling
Building or remodeling a home can be an arduous process, thus making selecting the right Contractor the most important decision you will make. By choosing Campi Construction, you are getting a Full-Cycle Builder. We work with Architects, Designers, and Sub-Contractors in a seamless manner, all the while keeping the homeowner in the loop for peace of mind.

We complete our projects on time, keep to our word, and come in on or under budget, as that is what the homeowner expects and deserves. We pride ourselves in keeping the job site immaculate & safe, the quality of our craftsmanship, and the permanent relationships we build with our clients.

The permitting process can be time consuming and expensive if not handled correctly. We have vast experience and long-standing relationships with the City of Palo Alto, City of Los Altos, City of Los Altos Hills, and the inspectors that work there. This not only reduces time and cost, but gives our clients an insight into how we have built relationships over the years.

Architect, Designer & Engineer Selection & Relationships
Clients can bring their own architects to partner with Campi Construction, or we can call on our wealth of resources. Regardless, we work hand-in-hand with the Client, Architect and Designer (where applicable) to take the concepts on paper and turn them into reality.

We always present options to our clients, and continuously focus on cost management throughout every project. The quality of or work never wavers, but cost saving measures are consistently put in place to increase the overall experience of our clients.

As an added bonus, Owner Jim Campi has an Engineering Degree, which enables a smooth working relationship with Engineers on the project and to understand all engineering requirements a job may present.

Energy Efficient Building
We work closely with Green Point Rater to qualify for maximum green points. We use energy saving building practices, focus on recycling, and minimize debris and waste. We consistently use energy efficient windows and doors, and have vast experience with installing energy efficient options.

Project Management
Quality Project Management is what separates good contractors from poor ones. The end result of your home is absolutely affected by the day-to-day handling of the thousand minor items that crop up. Most of our clients have us involved from the initial concept phase and trust us to coordinate and manage the entire life cycle of their custom dream home.

We pride ourselves in how we handle:
* Budgeting
* Realistic timeline and goal setting
* Milestone achievements
* Selection and Management of Sub-Contractors
* Predicting and avoiding roadblocks
* Implementation of change requests by homeowners
* Providing Guidance to the homeowner
* Flexibility in design direction
* Accountability of any working on the project, including ourselves